Sunset Work Cruise After Work

There’s nothing quite like cruising around the harbor and watching the changing colors of the evening sky as the sun sets over New York City’s skyline. Whether you want to give yourself a treat after a hard day or week at work or you are taking clients out after a full day of activity, an after-work cruise is the best way to relax and unwind. Get onboard the booze sunset cruise NYC, order the drink of your choice, sit back, and enjoy great music played live by the DJ onboard. Our after work cruise is a great opportunity to experience New York in the best way possible.

Join us on our sunset evening cruise and unwind after a busy day. Mingle with other guests and enjoy music played live by our onboard DJ. Enjoy your favorite drinks, and sail around the harbor. Great conversation, a calming and luxurious environment, delicious drinks, and fantastic views are a winning combination to help you unwind.

Whether you’re visiting the Big Apple, looking for a great place to unwind after a busy day or want to treat your clients or staff to an evening on the town, our cruise is the perfect way to let your hair down while taking in the spectacular nighttime NYC views.